Our New Sponsors: The Main Street Trading Company

We are delighted to say a big “hello” to our new sponsors. The Main Street Trading Company is a multi award-winning bookshop and café situated in, not surprisingly, Main Street, right in the heart of St Boswells.

The sponsorship arrangement entitles Main Street Trading to a display advertisement right on the edge of the busy A68, safely within the 30MPH zone, and also a large board on the boundary next to the clubhouse. It is particularly important to St Boswells Cricket Club to encourage partnerships between ourselves and local businesses and organisations given how vital a strong community is to the success of our club, and so we always seek out local sponsors wherever possible so that we are able to continue and build on our success.

We are very happy that so many of our existing sponsors (see the panel to the left) have been able to continue their support of our club in these hard financial times. We keep our sponsorship fees as low as we possibly can, and the potential return for a sponsor (think one decent job for a joiner, or a contract for garden work) is significant.

If you are interested in sponsoring St Boswells Cricket Club in any capacity, please contact secretary@stboswellscricketclub.org and we will call you back for a chat about the possible options.


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