Social and Cricket Events Coming Soon

With a soaking cricket season drawing to a close and the promise of a number of crunch games on the way (which we won’t curse by mentioning until they are done) it’s a good time to contemplate populating the bar at St Boswells Cricket Club and making the most of the great events we have coming up.

On Saturday 25th August, from 7pm, we have another of our great Race Nights, an opportunity for some fun placing your bets on whatever strange creatures will be competing against each other on the big screen and maybe winning a prize or two. Our sponsors have been particularly generous this time so the race winners could be buying some big rounds (or maybe taking their winnings home).

We are honoured to have been chosen by the East League to host the final of the President’s Cup on Sunday 2nd September. St Boswells didn’t enter this year, but we are impressed that Gala not only entered but won all of their matches to reach the final, which will be played against Edinburgh CC of the 2nd Division. It should be a cracking match.

The annual Trade Sixes event had to be cancelled on 19th August but we managed to rearrange things so it could take place on Sunday 9th August from 12 noon. This is always a highly entertaining event with non-cricketers flexing their muscles and trying to hit the ball onto the Village Green, invariably ending up somewhere on their stumps. At the last count we had 7 teams entered, and rain or shine we will make sure this one goes ahead.

We look forward to seeing you.


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