A St Boswells “select” XI – 2012 Team Photo (c) Keith Farnish

Well, we did it. It would have been good to have played our last two ESCA Division 2 matches against, respectively, Clackmannan and Leith FAB, but the weather saw to that. Nevertheless St Boswells 1st XI are Champions of Division 2. But for the rain we may have been even more handsome (!) winners. As it was, a very small percentage separated St Boswells from the second placed Edinburgh CC who also qualify for Division 1 in 2013.

It has been a frustrating season, largely because of the weather, but good for all sorts of other reasons aside from our speedy promotion to the top division of the East League. St Lucian Cletus Mathurin showed he has true star potential in Scotland, but for us bowling most sides out cheaply he would have made a century or two. Captain Broom was not far behind in the batting stakes, even overtaking Mathurin in quality towards the end of the season. Bowling has been excellent across the board with not only Cletus but Elms, Turnbull, McNeill, Hunter and Broom sharing the honours as only a quality team can. Fielding has been sublime, no more comment needed.

But we can get even better which is what we will need to do to compete in Division 1 at a level befitting our status as top Borders team. And what a pedigree the Borders have shown: every Borders team won their respective division – Gala go to Division 2 unbeaten, Kelso to Division 3, Selkirk to Division 5 and Hawick & Wilton to Division 7 unbeaten. Clearly any rumours that Borders cricket was a spent force were without foundation.

As it stands there are more awards to come for St Boswells, but that’s maybe for a future blog…


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