2012: A Brief Review

It would appear that rain was the big winner in 2012, especially at St Boswells, with some leagues such as the juniors and ladies decimated by the weather (that’s only a tenth of the games played!) and both senior teams playing only half of their allocated games. The less said about the length of the groundsman’s tether, the better – but with all that said it seems that St Boswells Cricket Club still have a lot to celebrate.

The above photo doesn’t tell the whole story – there are a few faces missing, such as our two star finds for the season, Ross and Prab – but for the most part this was the victorious 1st XI that finished the season top of the East of Scotland League Division 2 and are excited to have consistently challenging teams facing them in 2013. A curtailed series of games in 2012, yes, but some real crackers were had, with the bowling especially showing what it was capable of. Captain Stephen Broom is once again in charge in 2013 and we expect great things.

The 2nd XI, more correctly called the “A” Team, surprised almost everyone under the captaincy of Gavin Deans. Despite playing more games than any other team and winning all but two, with a vastly superior points score to any other team, it was still a nail-biter to see whether the percentage was good enough to win. It was, making St Boswells the winners of the inaugural Borders Sunday League. A great platform to build a strong club squad from.

Ladies and Juniors cricket, as said, suffered badly from the rain, with a young and keen Ladies team only having two matches, and the Juniors similarly suffering despite great efforts on the coaches’ and players’ parts. Next year is almost certain to be better.

On the more administrative side, the Management Committee have worked extremely hard to put the club on a sound financial footing to reflect our forward-looking teams. Drainage is being improved – just in case we have another shocker of a season; plans are approved for major changes to the clubhouse, with fundraising due to start in 2013; St Boswells AFC are well and truly part of the club, giving us a buzz even in the winter months; and we even have Wi-Fi, with a matchcam possibly in the pipeline.

So, as we move into the winter months, with a few social events and the legendary New Year’s game to provide the odd thaw, it seems as though we have a very bright and sunny future ahead of us. Providing it doesn’t rain too much…

Keith, Club Secretary


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